Experimental Web Programming

iNeonlabs, a cyberspace design research lab innovating new experimental webwork concepts and designs.

Experimental Projects

HTML5 Animation
Google Swiffy Conversion of Flash to HTML5
Blender 3D Experiments


Email: iNeonlabs

Web Site Design Procedure

iNeonlabs provides you with years of development knowledge, a quick turnaround, budget conscious, user friendly websites all hand coded custom made. If you're a business or individual who wants to keep pace with the latest trends in website development, then iNeonlabs is the perfect fit. What we have to offer in internet services are the best of both worlds, hard business sense with a splash of art. Our Service packages are reasonably priced for a basic 5 page website, including graphics, flash animations or JavaScript based imaging, multi-browser beta testing, host search, FTP upload, email account(s), and other web server incidentals. We also will maintain and update your website for an hourly fee upon completion of installation.
Every website is a different element. Each web design is custom made to suit the client. Group participation is always welcomed, and each idea is taken into account and discussed. Simple to complex website, we give 100% to giving you the best possible look and feel you're striving for.
We like to explore uncharted areas of web design and technology, and in so doing, we may be beyond some web browser version capabilities. We take this into consideration and try to build your website with constraints to these challenges.
For less than our basic package, if you already have a website on-line and want to redesign it or upgrade it, we can be of service.

Alpha Release Information

Experimental projects in HTML5, CSS3, including animations and coding. This site uses the latest in web technology, researching and deconstructing, reassembling and optimizing in all browsers to make all experimentations attempt to work in each one. iNeonlabs is currently in alpha, and is constantly being updated due to the fact that it is already obsolete.

Some browser versions may not work with this site, primarily, Internet Explorer 8 and below. This website is subject to frequent design changes, please keep your browsers updated with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari, for best results.

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